Welcome to the Tahoe Prep Academy.

Located in Lake Tahoe California, Tahoe Prep Academy is the state’s first Hockey Prep School focused on providing Elite Training and Fully Accredited College Preparatory Academics.

The Tahoe Prep Academy is a place where the student-athlete is encouraged to develop and cultivate their character to its utmost potential. Our program is designed for the dedicated student-athlete and provides the best environment to develop to their full potential academically & athletically.

The result? Student-athletes that compete like world-class elite athletes and have gained the necessary education to attend the country’s most premier educational NCAA institutions, along with the leadership that will be needed for our next generation of influential leaders.

Tahoe Prep Academy is California’s first residential prep educational institution specializing in the development of hockey inspired student/athletes and developmental hockey summer camps. The Tahoe Prep Academy is focused on providing High Altitude Athletic Developmental Training combined with College Preparatory Academics to prepare our student/athletes for success at their future NCAA experience.

Our purpose is fueled by our indisputable passion to ensure that Tahoe Prep Academy student-athletes succeed. Educate, develop, inspire and watch our players rise to their destiny of limitless potential.

The Tahoe Prep Academy is comprised of dedicated, professionals with a burning desire to train, motivate, and challenge our student athletes to rise above the norm.  We stand for discipline, a relentless work ethic and a passion for helping our student athletes reach their goals.

Tahoe Prep Academy, be the best at what you do

We give you the tools for success and place you in challenging situation to bring out the true nature of your competitive spirit.  Every day is a new quest for greatness  and can be achieved through hard work, perseverance and commitment. Let’s get to work.

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