The Prep team (U18) plays a nationally competitive schedule against Tier I Midget Major AAA clubs, as well as other Prep Schools across the country. Our Prep team competes in the NAPHL (North American Prospects Hockey League) in the U18 Tier I Division. Our Academy offers two boys’ teams, and provides an opportunity for all of our students, at various levels of ability, to compete for the Academy.

The success of our Prep team is due in large part to our practice model which focuses on skating, playmaking, and individual development. Our style of play is fast, creative hockey where players are on the ice daily to improve situational awareness, creating time and space with the puck, and find open ice to execute plays. The Prep team also utilizes a daily strength and conditioning program to build muscle, quickness and allows our players the best chance of success throughout a rigorous schedule. Our 10 month program incorporates weekday 90 minute ice sessions along with daily strength and conditioning courses. We supplement that training with yoga, spin, mind and body development, and film that well exceeds the minimum recommendations set forth by USA Hockey in its American Development Model (ADM).